Disney Announces New T.V Shows For Its Streaming Service Including Star Wars & Marvel

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Wow, Disney has had quite a day. Not long after the bombshell announcement that Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson was developing a brand-new Star Wars trilogy, Disney then went on to announce a slew of new T.V shows for its anticipated streaming service. Check it out below!

The announcement comes from C.E.O Bob Iger at Disney’s Earnings Call Today. The most exciting of the bunch is the live action Star Wars series, which has been rumored for quite a while now but finally we have a concrete statement saying the show is in development.

In addition, it seems that Pixar is finally entering the T.V business for real as one of their greatest and most popular movies is getting its own series. Iger announced that Monsters Inc. will be getting its own show but it is unconfirmed as to whether it would be animated or live action (I would assume animated for now). Iger also didn’t say whether the original cast would be returning or not.

In a move that is sure to make 2000’s kids happy, High School Musical is coming back in a big way with its own television series. Once again, details are scarce as Iger didn’t say anything regarding the story or if it would have any connection to the film franchise.

Finally, Marvel is getting another show on another streaming service. After finding great success with their Netflix shows and partnering up with Hulu to bring fans Marvel’s Runaways, Disney’s own streaming service will showcase the next installment of the MCU’s T.V side.

Are you excitied for the next wave of Disney television? Let us know in the comments and on social media! 


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