Could a Nintendo Switch Version of Dragon Ball FighterZ be in the Works?

Written by: Artur Galvao

With a game like the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ, it would only make sense that the Nintendo Switch would be a good home for it. With the unique Joy-Con controls, graphic capability, and the portability of the hybrid console – many Switch owner were disappointed to find out that there were no plans to release the latest fighter on this platform. According to a new leak, that disappointment will be short lived because the latest Dragon Ball game is set to be one of the titles getting the Switch port treatment.

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The leak comes from one Reddit user who has been more than a credible resource in the past. His latest wave of information includes some Bandai Namco action and what the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ entails. In addition to new characters being added, a Nintendo Switch port is “in the works” slated for later 2018 release.

According to the original poster,

“There is a Switch port in the works. Unreal Engine 4’s UE4.15 is Switch-friendly, so that may explain why the Switch port is coming later. I do not know what Unreal Engine 4 version it uses for the others. The much demanded Nintendo Switch version will likely come out next year in the autumn or winter.”

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With more and more third party developers throwing in their support with surprise titles like DOOM, it’s not out of the question to see the potential validity in this new information. In fact, the producers themselves have spoken in favor of the port on more than one occasion in the past.

As of right now, Dragon Ball FighterZ developers have only confirmed a January 26th, 2018 release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

If DBZ FighterZ is ported do you see yourself picking a Switch copy? Let us in the comments or social media. 

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