Top 10 New Comic Books of 2017

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Before we get to the content of this article I just have to say, happy end of 2017. This year there were several new comic books that were published, and in these last few days of 2017 I’m gonna tell you the ten that I think are the best. This list will include ongoing comic series and shorter miniseries that began publication in 2017.  Enjoy this list, which is in no particular order, because I honestly can’t choose (the numbers are just there because it’s a top 10 list).


1. Punisher the Platoon

Image result for punisher the platoon

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Written by: Garth Ennis, Pencils by: Goran Parlov 

This comic took me by surprise, as I only found out about it when I checked what Marvel comics were coming out the week Platoon’s first issue appeared.  Garth Ennis penned a long and acclaimed run on the Punisher, and this return was welcome.  The series is set during Castle’s first tour of duty and is about the Punisher making his first kill.  Told from the perspective of the writer of the valley forge book from Ennis’ final arc of Punisher Max, the comic continues Ennis’ excellent character work and tells a damn good war story.


2. Angelic

Image result for Angelic image comics

Publisher: Image Comics

Written by: Simon Spurrier, Art by: Caspar Wijngaard

A brand new Image Series, Angelic is set in an interesting post-apocalyptic future that seems far removed from our own.  That being said, many of the issues facing our protagonist, as well as the religious fervor of their society mirror our own in the present day.  The series features a slow start, but as Spurrier fleshes out the setting of his new series, it begins to pick up in the second issue.  With incredible art that leaps off the page and imaginative world building, this is definitely a comic book worth reading.


3. Doomsday Clock

Image result for Doomsday clock dc comics

Publisher: DC Comics

Written by: Geoff Johns, Art by: Gary Frank

This was the comic book no one expected, and one that people thought improbable.  Watchmen is a classic of the medium that people thought should be left alone, though there was a prequel series that varied in quality.  But that’s a prequel, not a sequel.  Continuing plot threads introduced in the DC Rebirth special, Geoff Johns has created a sequel to Moore’s seminal work that crosses over into the DC Universe.  Truth be told, it’s actually quite good.  The series is excellently written and illustrated, with enough depth to make it a worthy successor to Watchmen, though no series could ever measure up to the original classic.


4. Mister Miracle

Image result for mister miracle dc comics

Publisher: DC Comics

Written by: Tom King, Art by: Mitch Gerads

This is by far the best superhero comic book of 2017, with King and Gerads producing an incredibly complex, if not thoughtful piece of art.  The series tells an epic tale of gods at war, with the foreground being Scott Free’s state of mind and his relationship with his wife, Big Barda.  The series employs many of King’s storytelling trademarks to great effect, and pushes the boundaries of what a superhero comic book can become.  Gerad’s art is detailed, expressive and perfectly captures the confused world that King has crafted for Scott Free in his scripts.  This is a superhero classic in the making, and once completed will most likely set the standard for the superhero books that come after it.


5. Royal City

Image result for Royal city comic

Publisher: Image Comics

Written and illustrated by: Jeff Lemire

The new title from Jeff Lemire and Image Comics, Royal City tells the story an estranged family still dealing with the death of their youngest.  The series’ initial arc is set in the present, while the series current story-arc is set in the past.  The series, fully illustrated by Lemire, is a return to his more realistic human dramas such as Essex County.  Like that aforementioned comic, Royal City seems simple and uncomplicated.  However the truth is it’s quite the opposite, as the series is filled with a wealth of human emotion.


6. The Wildstorm

Image result for the wildstorm

Publisher: DC Comics

Written by: Warren Ellis, Art by: 

This relaunch of the classic Image and later DC imprint brings back the concepts and characters from the Wildstorm of old, but presents it in modern context.  Ellis’ approach to the series changes the format of the story being told in each arc, but all the details manage to connect into one larger tapestry.  Ellis also manages to handle what may be the largest cast of characters in ant comic book being published, giving each one their own individual arc and ample amounts of page space.  Filled with intrigue, secret agencies and things beyond the human realm; The Windstorm is one of this year’s most interesting titles.


7. Underwinter

Image result for the underwinter

Publisher: Image Comics

Written and illustrated by: Ray Fawkes

Ray Fawkes’ new horror series from Image Comics, Underwinter is a visceral and lyrical nightmare.  A horror series about the damaged members of a musical group, the book is beautifully rendered by Fawkes with striking water-color images.  When you aren’t taking in how beautiful this comic is, it makes you feel just as uncomfortable as the characters are in their own lives.  His art, and the series pacing is evocative of music, making it unique in comics market.  Fawkes has truly created something special and worth reading.


8. God Country

Image result for God country

Publisher: Image Comics

Written by: Donny Cates, Art by: Geoff Shaw

A rural and divine series, God Country is a very interesting series.  Both a series about domestic life in a rural setting, but juxtaposed with the larger world of all-powerful gods.  Cates’ story is both epic and mundane, with both the writing and art striking the balance quite well.  Shaw’s art renders both worlds beautifully, meshing them together in a way that feels natural.  This creates a fantastic mythology that draws readers in, but the stay for the interpersonal relationships between the characters that Cates’ scripts render so well.


9. The Old Guard

Image result for the old guard comic

Publisher: Image Comics

Written by: Greg Rucka, Art by: Leandro Fernandez 

The new series by veteran creator Greg Rucka, The Old Guard is about a group of immortal warriors that operate as guns for hire in the present day.  Rucka begins the story by introducing the current immortals and a new one to join their ranks.  The pairing of the newly and aged veteran plays out very well in this story about the perils of immortality, and makes for well rounded characters.  It’s a story of conspiracy, murder and the tribulations of never dying.  Fernandez’s art is kinetic, and makes for excellent actions sequences, while Rucka’s dialogue brings the characters to life.  It’s a straightforward, yet deep and engrossing story.


10. The Visitor: How and why he stayed

Image result for the visitor, how and why he stayed

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Written by: Chris Roberson and Mike Mignola, Art by: Paul Grist

This comic manages to solve  longstanding mystery for Hellboy fans, one that goes back to the very first Hellboy mini-series.  In that comic, a page briefly showed a group of aliens monitoring Hellboy, and one of these aliens also popped up in a later Hellboy series as well.  This comic manages to explain who these aliens are, but also crafts a deep and meaningful story for one of their number.  A comic filled with lots of heart that takes an observational look at the world of Hellboy and our own history, this series was an unexpected joy this year from the Hellboy line.


I hoped you enjoyed my list, but there are other comics published this year, so if you have any comics that you think stood out in 2017 mention it in the comments.  From everyone here at Talkies Network, we hope you have a great New Years Eve, and a better 2018.  For all you pop related news and articles, remember your friends here at Talkies.

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