Chris Hemsworth on Why He Agreed to Return for ‘Star Trek 4’

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

News about the future of the Star Trek franchise has been in a tailspin as of late. With reports of a fourth Star Trek film being produced along with Quentin Tarantino making his own Star Trek film hitting the web, fans have remained in the dark about what lies ahead. One thing that has been confirmed however is that if a fourth Star Trek film is made, Chris Hemsworth would make his return to the franchise.

Hemsworth played James T. Kirk’s father, George Kirk, in the opening of the 2009 reboot film. The character died saving his entire crew from the hands of Nero’s attack, this setting the events of the new Kelvin timeline into motion.

After Star Trek Beyond under-performed at the box office, Paramount Pictures remained silent on its sequel, leading to Quentin Tarantino pitching his own Star Trek film to the studio. It is unknown if this film is the announced fourth Star Trek film or an entirely different one. Now, Chris Hemsworth is speaking out on his status for the film and why he agreed to return.

In an interview with IGN, Hemsowrth states that he has also remained in the dark regarding Star Trek 4 and that it may be time to take matters into his own hands:

“I don’t know. It’s a reminder to call JJ and ask the same question because I haven’t heard any updates on it either.”

Hemsowrth then went on to explain why he agreed to return to the sci-fi franchise:

“Just the fact that he had a way of reinserting the character into the world. I can’t say too much — there’s not even a script — but I always thought, maybe, there was a possibility of him coming back in some way. I didn’t know how or what, but he was pretty enthusiastic about what they had planned.”

Rumors began to circulate that Hemsworth’s involvement in Star Trek 4 would result in the story focusing on the father/son dynamic between Hemsworth and franchise lead, Chris Pine. Kirk’s father has had a lasting impact on his life in starfleet and seeing the two characters interact on the silver screen would make for quite an entertaining film.

Which Star Trek film do you want to see make it to the big screen? Star Trek 4, Quentin Tarantino’s R-Rated film or both? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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