Ava DuVernay in Talks to Direct ‘New Gods’ Film for Warner Bros, DC

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Coming off the heels of helming the $100 million epic A Wrinkle in Time, Ava DuVernay is set to stay in the blockbuster filmmaking game as she is in talks with DC and Warner Bros. to direct a big-budget screen adaptation of The New Gods, the creation of revered comic book impresario Jack Kirby. The studio will quickly set a screenwriter who’ll craft the narrative and work closely with DuVernay.

This will be the second $100M-plus film for DuVernay, who has taken quite a leap in scale since her breakout character-piece, Selma. She mentioned a New Gods connection late last year when she responded to a question on social media on who her favorite superhero is. “Big Barda. Many reasons” was her reply. Big Barda is one of the New Gods and the wife of Mister Miracle, also a Kirby creation.

I expect the film to be a part of the ever-growing DC Extended Universe but no confirmation has been made at this time. It is a bold move for Warner Bros/DC and not just because this is the second superhero franchise they’ve handed to a female director after Patty Jenkins turned Wonder Woman into a crowd-pleasing blockbuster and is working on the sequel with Gal Gadot.

Unlike DC’s recent films, New Gods exists in its own world. A freestanding narrative created and designed by Kirby back in 1971, not long after the prolific comic legend had left Marvel Comics.

Being the introduction to the massive DC villain, Darkseid, a character who is expected to play a major role in future DCEU films, the Kirby creation debuted in a trilogy of related comics written and drawn by Kirby that were published in the very early 1970s: New Gods, Forever People and Mister Miracle. The New Gods came into existence after the world of the “old gods” of classic mythology were destroyed during Ragnarok. The deities inhabit two planets: one is New Genesis, a lush paradise, and the other Apokolips, which is by all accounts, a hellish dystopian planet.

Source: Deadline

No release date has been confirmed at this time by keep it locked on Talkies Network for the latest on this massive announcement. 

Are you excited about a New Gods film? Let us know in the comments down below!

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