Ten Best Moments in the New ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Today, Marvel once again had the world in the palm of thier hands as they dropped the official trailer for their highly anticipated superhero epic, Avengers: Infinity War. The film, which is a culmination of the ten years worth of Marvel Cinematic Universe films, sets the stage for Thanos to finally make his invasion of Earth in an attempt to conquer the universe. The Avengers will unite with Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Panther to combat the feared titan. The second trailer was much more action-packed then the first and, like probably every other entertainment site today, we thought we’d count down the ten best moments from the new trailer. Scroll down to see our picks!

10. “Oh, we’re using our made up names”

2018-03-16 (10)

Avengers: Infinity War may be one of the more serious entries into the MCU, but that does not mean Marvel’s trademark comedy will not be on display. As the trailer draws to a close, we see the very first meeting of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, who were brought together by Tony Stark in an attempt to have all hands on deck to battle Thanos. As they meet, Peter introduces himself with his first name but is surprised when Benedict Cumberbatch’s Marvel hero says he is “Doctor Strange.” This causes Peter to hilariously say, “oh, we’re using out made up names. Well, then I’m Spider-Man.” It is a small, but funny line that will surely bring some much needed levity to the feature.

9. Little Gamora and Papa Thanos

2018-03-16 (5)

Thanos is the most feared being in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe but that does not mean he will be menacing for the entire runtime. As Thanos monologues about the downfall of Marvel’s heroes, a flashback of Thanos appears, shown in full armor along with a much younger Gamora. The scene seems to take place during some kind of ceremony but it is surprising nonetheless to see a much calmer Thanos holding the hand of his daughter. As previous MCU films have shown, Thanos is not exactly father of the year, incredibly far from it actually. But Gamora is, or was, his favourite daughter, so it is possible that out of all his children, he was the most kind towards her.

8. Thor Unleashed

2018-03-16 (3)

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor learned the true extent of his godly powers when he unleashed thunder and lightning onto the army of Hela. Come Avengers: Infinity War, Thor will retain this newfound power, which will surely come in handy since he is the first of the main Avengers team to actually come into contact with Thanos. This leads the mighty God of Thunder to cross paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy, effectively beginning to bridge the gap between Marvel’s Earth and cosmic heroes. Additionally, the scene shown above involves Rocket and Groot and if speculation proves correct, this will be the moment where Thor forges a new weapon to even the playing field.

7. T’Challa and Steve Rogers Reunite

2018-03-16 (1)

Another small but meaningful moment that definitely had fans cheering, the newest Infinity War trailer sees Captain America reuniting with Black Panther in Wakanda. Cap is followed by Black Widow, Rhodey, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and one of Thanos’ prime targets, Vision. Anthony and Joe Russo, the film’s directors, have confirmed that Thanos will be going after Vision specifically in the film as he holds an infinity stone in his head. This leads Cap to going to Wakanda to ask T’Challa for help with protecting Vision. The shot also confirms that the bad blood from Captain America: Civil War has, at least somewhat, been worked out and the Avengers are united by one goal, protecting earth at all costs.

6. Spider-Man Swings out of Danger

2018-03-16 (9)

There is arguably nothing more iconic in a Marvel comic or film than Spider-Man swinging through the skies and the Avengers: Infinity War trailers provides a bit of fan service as we see the webbed-hero swing through Thanos’ destructive home world. The Russo Brothers have stated that, while one major battle takes place in Wakanda, another will occur on Thanos’ home planet of Titan. The end shot of the trailer sees the planet experiences all out destruction but that does not stop Spider-Man from swinging through the sky and looking absolutely incredible while doing it.

5. Loki and the Black Order

2018-03-16 (6)

Just when you thought Loki would be at the very least an anti-hero in Infinity War, the new trailer all but confirms that Loki will be an agent of Thanos once again as he stands beside the mad titan’s children. The first trailer showed Loki holding the tesseract, the object in the MCU that houses the space stone, one of the six infinity stones. Fans began to speculate that this was Loki hopefully bargaining with Thanos to spare the people of Asgard but with this new trailer, Loki seems to have returned to his villainous ways and willingly gave Thanos the stone. This was also probably done to ease Thanos’ tension with Loki since in 2012’s The Avengers, Loki failed in conquering Earth using the space stone which, Thanos gifted to Loki.

4. Iron Man’s ‘Infinity War’ Suit


Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits have seen several innovations but Infinity War will be the most advanced version yet. From the super bowl spot, we know that Stark will finally be included nanotechnology but this new trailer shows that Tony’s flight gear will also be upgraded. As he races to catch Thanos’ ship, his feet transform into an incredibly powerful… we’ll call it a rocket for now since I don’t know the actual term for it. The upgrade looks to be powerful enough to change Thanos possibly into space so look for Tony to be pulling all the stops with his armor to take down Marvel’s biggest villain.

3. Star-Lord Annoys Iron Man

2018-03-16 (2)

Typical Star-Lord. Typical Iron Man. This is a moment fans have been looking forward to for a long time… the anticipated meeting between the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers. As the plan a strategy for how to take on Thanos, Star-Lord quickly shoots down Tony’s initial idea because… well… it sucks. Star-Lord then suggests that he formulate the plan that is guaranteed to succeed to which Tony replies with “wow.”  On the outset, there will definitely be some friction amongst the two groups but both know that they are all humanity has to defeat Thanos.

2. The Battle of Wakanda

2018-03-16 (12)

What is a superhero epic without a visually spectacular battle to end it all? When Thanos and his army make a first attempt at Vision’s mind stone, Cap decides that the best way to protect the robotic avenger is to bring him to the formerly most secretive country on Earth, Wakanda. This results in a country wide invasion from Thanos and his legion of followers while T’Challa unites Cap, Bucky aka The Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hulk, War Machine, Black Widow and the armies and tribes of Wakanda to fight back. With some comparing the sequence to the Battle of Helm’s Deep from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, fans can expect for this set-piece to be the most emotional, bombastic and visually stunning action sequence in MCU history.

1. Captain America Vs. Thanos

2018-03-16 (7)

What. A. Sequence. Captain America, being the bravest and most noble hero that he is, takes on Thanos, one on one. It is unclear if Thanos is merely toying with Cap but the fact that Cap would battle the titan while he has the infinity gauntlet and two infinity stones is the ultimate definition of heroism. Cap knows the severity of Thanos fulfilling his goal of collecting every infinity stone and will stop him by any means necessary. Even if that’s going on alone with only his will and strength as a resource. It is a fantastic shot and perfectly sets the stage for Cap’s return from exile following him going on the run after Civil War.

That’s our list! Don’t agree? What are your favourite moment from the Avengers: Infinity War trailer? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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