Metacritic May Have Revealed a Huge ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Spoiler

Written By: Artur Galvao


Avengers: Infinity War is set to be the biggest superhero film in history, bringing together ten years worth of Marvel heroes and storylines. With several dozens of heroes set to take the stage in the film, a new claim has been released that could flip the entire film on its head.

Today’s rumor of the day comes to us from Metacriticwhere a cast list was published revealing that actor Curt Clendenin will be playing… SILVER SURFER.


I know right? There’s no way this is happening… right? The Silver Surfer is a major part of the Infinity Stones storyline in the comics, (Infinity Gauntlet), but the character is owned by 20th Century Fox as part of its Fantastic Four IP. Before the Disney-Fox deal was announced at the end of last year, then, it was very unlikely that we’d see him going up against Thanos, but the idea seems a little more conceivable now.

It should be noted that this must be taken with a massive grain of salt. As of now, Metacritic has yet to take down the cast list or Clendenin’s name. Given that Disney and Fox have both said that the finalizing of the deal could take over a year, Silver Surfer being in Avengers: Infinity War is an incredible long shot. On top of that, Fox is apparently working on their own Silver Surfer solo film, so why would they allow Marvel to use the character as well? Stranger things of happened of course but given the amount of secrecy surrounding this film, I find it hard to believe that Marvel would let such a massive surprise like this slip through the cracks.

This however could also mean that a potential post-credit scene may have been revealed. As I said, Fox and Disney’s deal will not be done until 2019, the year Avengers 4 comes out. Is Marvel setting the stage for the Silver Surfer to play a role in the next Avengers film? We’ll have to wait and see…

Avengers: Infinity War will be released on April 27, 2018

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