Soft Drink Ad May Feature First Look at Tom Hardy’s Venom

Written By: Artur Galvao

Although the February teaser trailer for Sony’s Venom didn’t reveal the symbiote, much to the anger of fans, we may at last have our first look at the shape-shifting alien anti-hero from a leaked licensed product listing.

First, however, we have to note the image of Brisk’s dark cherry limeade movie tie-in surfaced on a Venom fan blog on Sunday, April 1, so there’s a possibility it’s an April Fools’ prank. However, it certainly looks real, with FPO meaning “For Placement Only,” which signifies to the designer or printer that a different or better image file will be provided.

The teaser poster for the Tom Hardy movie depicted Venom’s unmistakable eyes, while the teaser trailer closed with a stylized image that added his signature teeth. However, this drink label brings them together in an image that more closely resembles the character’s traditional design in Marvel’s comic books.

While the absence of Venom in the teaser trailer is likely due to incomplete CGI, it has sparked persistent speculation that the Spider-Man spin-off will not actually show Hardy in the actual Venom costume. The actor seemed to respond to those rumors last week, writing on Instagram, “just sayin Venom suit – myths usually asinine circulate about things usually by those who have failed to garner credible intel.”

Venom arrives in theatres on  October 5, 2018.


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