Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Says ‘Avengers 4’ is the Conclusion of all Twenty-One MCU Movies Before It

While Avengers: Infinity War will serve as the beginning of the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans will have to wait another year to see how it all shakes out in the still untitled sequel. After 21 films, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says that Avengers will mark the end of the current era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (i.e, phase 3).

Feige recently spoke to Fandango about the end of the MCU in the next two Avengers movies, calling it the conclusion of every film that’s come before it:

Avengers: Infinity War and the untitled Avengers 4 are very much of a piece,. They’re very different movies and tonally they’re very different movies, which is why we did not want to say Part 1 and Part 2, but they’re very directly connected. Avengers 4 is the conclusion of all twenty-one movies before it.”

When asked about if these two Avengers films would stick to their comics counterpart’s former ideal of “Dead Means Dead” in the cinematic universe, Feige had a more open-minded response:

“You’re right, in the comics sometimes a character will die and then come back in the next page. We’ve done that in some of the movies. Sometimes a character will die and be gone for years and then come back in a way that is disappointing or come back in a way that is amazing, as the case of Bucky Barnes, who died in the early Captain America comics and was gone for 50 years or so, and who for years people said, ‘Bucky Barnes is never coming back to life.’ Then somebody had the idea to bring him back as the Winter Soldier and it was the greatest thing ever.”

When the credits roll on Avengers 4, a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will begin, starting with the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, which reportedly takes place directly after the chaos of the fourth Avengers film. While nothing is confirmed, Feige’s statements line up with his earlier comments about where future MCU films could take place, specifically on a more cosmic level. This time in 2019, we will see a very different lineup for the MCU, one that may not include our favourite characters from the last ten years. Regardless, it seems that Feige is very much excited to take the franchise in unexplored directions. Perhaps maybe one with mutants? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Fans will get to see the beginning of the end when Avengers: Infinity War premieres in theaters this Friday, April 27th.


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