Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ TV Series to Reportedly Focus on Young Aragorn in First Season

Amazon looks to join the Game of Thrones’ and Westworld’s of the world with its billion dollar Lord of the Rings television series. While minimal information has been released on the show, we may finally know what the first season at the very least will revolve around and its quite exciting.

According to, they have confirmed with multiple sources that the first season of the highly anticipated series will centre on a young Aragorn, who was played by Viggo Mortensen in the Peter Jackson-directed original trilogy.

In The Lord of the Rings, both the novels and the film series portray Aragorn as the last of the line of kings of Gondor. However, he lived in excile for a number of years as a Dunedain ranger, leaving Gondor to be ruled by the stewards. The third book and film, Return of the King, takes its name from Aragorn’s return to the famed land of middle-earth to reclaim the throne and defeat Sauron.

What is not made clear is what actually defines a young Aragorn. In The Two Towers, Aragorn states that he is 87 years old which, by human standards, is quite old. However, the standard life span of a Dunedain ranger is 250 years old. It can be assumed however that Aragorn’s story in the first season will take place while he is a ranger and before his fateful meeting with Frodo and Samwise.

In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Legolas is told about a man he must meet by his father Thranduil. The man is heavily implied to be Aragorn as the two would know each other before the council of Elrond sequence. The series could centre on the two friends and how they discovered each other but as of now, this is all speculation. All that being said, an Aragon centered first season would not only bring over fans of both the films and novels, but also allow for a safe but incredibly exciting expansion of the mythos. With the series costing almost a billion dollars, it’s easy to see why Amazon would want to stick to something familiar for the time being. Should the series prove to be a success, Amazon can then move towards the lesser known aspects of middle-earth in later seasons. For now, let’s just see who they may cast as the young ranger.


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