Marvel Cancels ‘Cable’ Comic Series

Marvel’s August solicitations feature a notable absence, as there appears to be no new issue of Cable.  The title’s cancellation was later confirmed by series writer Zac Thompson through his twitter account.

The time traveling mutants latest series debuted in 2017 under Marvel’s X-men relaunch, ResurreXion.  This volume will end with issue 159 which will conclude the series last storyline, ‘Past Fears’.  This storyline features Cable battling Metus, a character from his past, as each installment of the arc delves deeper into the hero’s past.

For those sad Cable fans, the character will appear — according to the solicitations –alongside Deadpool in an annual issue written by David F. Walker and illustrated by Paco Diaz.  This annual is most likely capitalizing on the duo’s on-screen appearance in Deadpool 2.  With the reception the film and Brolin have received,  Cable is sure to make a return to at least one regular Marvel Comics series in the near future.  Maybe even another solo ongoing series.


How do you feel about Cable’s cancellation? Leave a comment and for more great news (sometime bad) check out Talkies Network!


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