Evan Peters Says ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Is “Much Darker” Than ‘Apocalypse’

If you were one of the many X-Men fans that found 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse to be subpar, it sounds like the folks in charge of the franchise have heard your cries, and the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix will apparently be vastly different from its predecessor.

Evan Peters, who portrayed Quicksilver in both X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse, is set to return to the franchise with Dark Phoenix. During an interview with Collider, he explained that, this time around, things feel a lot different, and the vibe is closer to First Class than any of the other X-Men installments:

“I think it’s the classic X-Men: First Class tone, where there’s a bit of humor thrown in there, but it’s much darker than the previous one, ApocalypseApocalypse was the ‘80s, so there was a lot of room for goofy stuff in there. This one is a much more serious film about the internal struggle of Phoenix and Jean, so it’s a dramatic film. There’s nothing very comedic about it, other than the few moments that are in there. I think it’s gonna be a powerful one. It’s Dark Phoenix. I think it’s gonna be darker than we’re used to. It’s gonna be a change, but it’s gonna be fun for everybody.”

According to Peters, this shift tone can be attributed to director Simon Kinberg, who has spent years producing the X-Men franchise.

“Awesome! It was incredible. He was very prepared and he knew what he was doing. He’s surrounded himself with a great team that’s been there for years. Everybody knows each other. It was a great environment for him to step forward. He knows the characters and story better than anyone because he wrote it. I think it was easy for him and it was very calm. It’s always been a fun experience, but it was also a calm experience, this time around, which was a relief. I’m sure there was a lot of pressure on him, but he’s such a nice guy and so cool. You didn’t see him being stressed or nervous, at all, on set, so it was very cool.”

Considering the delays and production troubles surrounding the film, I remain cautiously optimistic about the latest tale featuring the X-Men. Kinberg has said in the past that this project is incredibly important to him, given the butchering of the Dark Phoenix Saga storyline in X-Men: The Last Stand. Maybe Fox and Kinberg just want to take their time to make sure they get every story beat of the iconic X-Men comic narrative right. For me, take all the time you need… just don’t make Last Stand again… please…

After a delay in post-production, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is now set to hit theaters on February 14, 2019.



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