ABC Reportedly Sets Meeting to Hear Ideas for ‘Roseanne’ Spinoff

As it was done with multiple series’ before it, fans everywhere are wondering if ABC will try to replace Roseanne with a version of the show sans its polarizing star. According to a new report, we may finally have that answer.

Multiple insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter that the Disney-owned television network is open to potential spinoff ideas… as long as they are done without Roseanne Barr, and the actress and former head writer of the sitcom would not be able to financially benefit from any new incarnation of the series. A meeting about potential ways to continue TV’s No. 1 show is expected to be held next week, sources say.

ABC on Tuesday decided to canceled Roseanne after Barr’s racist tweet directed at a senior adviser to former President Barack Obama. The star, who has been an outspoken supporter for President Donald Trump, later apologized and said she “begged” Disney-ABC TV Group chief Ben Sherwood not to cancel the series.

Furthermore, sources say ABC and producer Tom Werner — whose Carsey-Werner banner executive produced the original Roseanne and its reboot — are considering all options. According to a TMZ report, on Friday, star Sara Gilbert — who plays Darlene and was the driving force of the 10th season revival — has been actively pitching a rebranded series built around her character. Sources familiar with the conversations for a potential Roseanne 3.0 said the only conversations that have been had are the fact that ABC is open to hearing pitches for ways to continue the show without Barr’s involvement.

Stars Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman are still expected to be paid for the now-scrapped 11th season. The trio, along with Barr, negotiated new deals for the 13-episode season at $300,000 per episode (an increase from $250,000 for season 10). They expect to be paid for at least 10 episodes since their options were exercised. What’s unclear at the moment is if and how the writing staff, including showrunner Bruce Helford, will be compensated.


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