DC Announces Seven Issue Mini-series ‘Heroes in Crisis’ From Tom King

It seems like Tom King’s Sanctuary project has been given it’s own series.  After teases in both issues of Batman and Deathstroke, King’s superhuman crisis center will now be the focus of a seven issue mini-series, Heroes in Crisis.

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Founded by Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman; Sanctuary is a a home for superheroes dealing with emotional or psychological issues.  Kryptonian science, Amazonian magic and Wayne Foundation dollars have combined to a create a new force for good — one that does not involve punching people.

The series will be a based around a mystery that uses the DC Trinity, as well as many other heroes, as a the backdrop.  DC’s press release states: “It’s about what allows them to get up and fight when it appears they can’t ever get up and fight again. When it’s too much, and it’s often too much, heroes go to Sanctuary. It’s also about what happens when Sanctuary fails, resulting in catastrophic consequences for the DC Universe.”

Sanctuary seems to be what King has been building up towards his entire time at DC, as it cover themes that feature in the writer’s past and current work.  His Batman run dealt with depression and anxiety, with Batman even revealing he contemplated suicide after his parents’ death.  In fact the overarching story of that run is Batman realizing that he’s deeply unhappy, and that he needs more in his life than just being the dark knight.  KIng’s Mister Miracle series is currently dealing with the heroes life of violence and the trauma that results.

Written by Tom King with art by Clay Mann, Heroes In Crisis will be released in comic stores and digitally on September 26th. 


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