Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Reckoning #1 Review

The finale to the Buffy series (at least in its current form) that began on television in 1997 is finally coming to an end in The Reckoning.

Buffy and the Scooby Gang are facing a threat from the future in the form of Harth, Fray’s brother. With all the knowledge of the Slayer’s history, he is determined to take their power in their hour of reckoning.

What makes this issue work is how well the script depicts the characters, the excellent dialogue and how it conveys a sense of finality. Many of the characters have ‘grown up’ in a sense and muc of the wayward youth that defined the series is fading, in a good way.

Reckoning reunites the entire cast of the Buffyverse for this final epic. In fact many of the running plot threads crafted by Joss Whedon and the other Buffyverse writers are beginning to culminate in this issue, as the over-arching storyline for Buffy is revealing itself. The characters reminisce  of times past while recognising how they’ve grown and changed. All this adds the perfect dose of nostalgia to this enjoyable read.

Another treat is the return of Artist Georges Jeanty as despite the great work produced in his absence, Jeanty is the one who defined what these characters look like in the canonical comic books. Bringing him back for the big finale comic was the right choice with his work being as good as it was when season 8 was in production.

Harth is an unremarkable character becuase there is nothing interesting about him beyond his powers. He is a threat to our main protagonists, but there isn’t much to the character’s personality to make him exciting. The Mayor is a better villain, and his return is another enjoyable part of this story. Whedon and Gage do an excellent job in quickly reminding fans why the Mayor was such a compelling villian in season 3.

This comic is fun, and the characters are well written as per usual, but this story just feels rushed. Everything happens very fast and this is most likely because this series is not very long, totaling four issues. I hope the rest of this mini-series has a slower pace so Harth can develop into a more intimidating threat and the writers can bring true closure to the larger story.

Rating: 4/5


Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Reckoning is currently on sale at local comic shops and digitally. 










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