Amazing Spider-Man #801 Review

The series’ milestone eight-hundredth issue was the big finale to Dan Slott’s long run with the character, so this follow-up issue seems more like an epilogue.

Slott’s last arc, and a large portion of his run, were about how Spider-Man can inspire others and how Spider-Man himself was born out of Peter’s admiration for his Uncle Ben. In that spirit, this comic begins in the early years of Parker’s Spider-Man career as he saves a store clerk and his customer from a robber. That one act of heroism changed said customer’s life for the better, something he repays the Web-slinger years later (I’m assuming this story occurs after the events of ‘Go Down Swinging’).

Fiction can transform a reader’s life and Spider-Man can inspire the real world just as much as he can the Marvel Universe. That is the role superheroes and the purpose any story in the genre should serve, because they are meant to inspire the world. Slott has understood this perfectly in his time writing various Spider-Man titles

Not only does it remind readers of simpler times when Spidey’s concerns were not as large scale as the present, but it also reminds us of the niche Spider-Man claimed when he first appeared in 1962. Stan Lee’s strangest hero did not save the world – at that point in time – but he would do his part to make New York a little safer. He was your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and despite how much the character’s world has grown over the decades, that is still the core concept. Spider-Man changed one man’s life for the the better with one simple action, and that is the magic of this character.

The artwork in this comic is great, which can be expected from such a skilled artist as Marcos Martin. His artwork is perfect for this story, as his figure work is highly reminiscent of Steve Ditko’s work when he still drew Spider-Man. His off-kilter depiction of the titular character in particular looks exactly like the hero’s debut in Amazing Fantasy issue 15. This makes him the perfect artist to draw this issue, one that has the slightest note of nostalgia, but that is meant to show how Peter’s past has greatly affected his present.

Amazing Spider-Man issue 801 was the perfect ending to Slott’s run as it touched on the core themes of the writer’s long tenure on the series.

Rating: 5/5

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