New ‘Avengers 4’ Character Art Leaks Online

Several weeks ago a piece of Avengers 4 promotional artwork leaked online, and today more images apparently from that original piece have made their way onto social media, seemingly confirming that it was legitimate promotional art for next year’s movie. Check out the character art featuring Captain Marvel, Hulk and more in the tweet below!

Now, obviously with no official confirmation from Marvel, there is no way to say 100% that this is legitimate. That being said, these appear to be PDFs of character key art from merchandise sources. The man tagged in the tweet, Jeremy Conrad, another online journalist, speculates that if you look closely at the Thanos image you can see (in the corners) what looks like toy packaging mock-ups.This would indicate that the images are leaking from a licensee. Whatever the case is, let’s just stare in awe at the Marvel characters teaming up in 2019 to take on Marvel’s most feared villain yet.

Avengers 4 hits theatres on May 3, 2019.

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