Hollywood Studios Reportedly Bidding for Theatrical Rights to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Musical ‘Hamilton’

Hamilton may be coming to movie theaters, exactly as audiences saw it on Broadway.

Hollywood studios are currently bidding for the big-screen rights to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton, according to people involved in sales talks. But in an unusual twist, the Hamilton movie won’t be a filmed adaptation. Instead, it is a recording of the show made in 2016 with its original cast, including Miranda in the lead role.

The world-wide theatrical rights for Hamilton could be purchased for more than $50 million, two of the people with knowledge of the deal talks said. Representatives for the production have recently screened the recording for interested buyers.

Though some stage shows have played in a limited number of theaters as one-time events and live musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar have been hits on television, there are no recent examples of recorded stage shows that play in theaters globally, like a traditional movie.

But studios are betting Hamilton may be a special case. A massive hit and a cultural phenomenon, it has grossed nearly $400 million in New York since opening in 2015, according to Broadway World. It has won 11 Tony Awards, including best musical, as well as a Grammy and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It has long played to packed houses on Broadway, despite an average ticket price of $229, and plays in Chicago and London. A U.S. tour began last year.

Sellers are asking that the Hamilton recording not play in theaters, or stream, until 2020 or 2021, some of the people close to the deal talks said, giving the show at least two more years during which it can only be seen on stage.

The official recording of Hamilton was made over two nights in New York and is an exact replica of the Broadway production, including an intermission, said one of the people who has seen it.

Source: WSJ

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