Preacher: ‘Les Enfants du Sang’ Review

So to begin, a brief summary of the episode’s events. Eugene has returned and the Saint is gunning for him and Hitler.  Jesse and Tulip work to save the life of his nightmarish Grandmother. Cassidy is learning there’s more to being a vampire than he previously thought – at least superficially – and Herr Starr’s plans may be going up in smoke due to the intervention of the All-father. Now, to the review portion.

So, the episode begins with the already mentioned Saint of Killers and Eugene. The latter is having a rough time in the foster system for some reason and the Saint is now his… foster parent? Eugene seems to be going all-in on his ‘let God lead the way mentality’. Considering how the series handles the Allfather is could lead to some interesting parallels down the road. This new view of life does make sense considering he finds out in ‘Les Enfants du Sang’ that everyone he knew in life died when Annvile got destroyed.

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Cassidy’s melancholy in New Orleans was the focal point of this story and it made for one of the most depressing episodes of Preacher. He has seen the downsides to his immortality and being a vampire, which has led him down a path of depression riddled with drugs. There is, however, a being similar to him that may hold some small glimpse of hope.

Eccarius and his vampire groupies show Cassidy many aspects of being a creature of the night that he has yet to enjoy. This includes classic vampire abilities that the series had eschewed in the first two seasons, such as animal transformation and compulsion. All this initially impresses Cassidy and Eccarius seems to be the one with all the answers – at least at first glance. Being a vampire can be fun, but towards the end of the episode Eccarius displays the same loneliness that Cassidy deals with. Even though he is surrounded by those who adore him, Eccarius is most likely far older than any vampires he has turned and can’t truly connect with them on the same level he might with Cassidy. Cool powers can only hold one’s interest for so long because it is the connections that people make with each other which gives life meaning.

The lost vampire with addictive personality himself spurns Jesse and Tulip when he receives a phone call after the duo had saved Mrs. L’Angelle. While on the surface it can seem like Cassidy is realizing humans make for difficult friends, but ultimately, I believe his decision to join the vampire cult is because it’s easier. Icarus is someone Cassidy can know and relate to until one of them (or both) dies, whereas with Tulip he’ll have to watch her grow old with Jesse and then die while he keeps on living.

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Jesse and Tulip got to put together another bank robbery, one that resulted in gaining more than just money. Stealing the souls allowed Jesse to save his grandmother and by extension Tulip due to their magic-based connection. Seeing the duo pull off a robbery – from casing the joint to the stealing of the goods – was a fun deviation from what this season’s shown thus far. Preacher knows that to keep things interesting you have to have a little variety and this series loves to homage various film genres.

The Allfather is a brilliant character because he initially appears to be fat and foolish due to his praise of the in-bred messiah. While all of this is true, it hides how cunning and ruthless the Allfather when dealing with enemies. He is a difficult opponent to face, something this episode excellently proved when he confronted Starr in the latter’s office. That scene and the flashback to the Allfather killing a Grail agent have set up a worthy antagonist for Jesse and company.

Starr expresses his view of humanity and what he plans to achieve with Custer in ‘Les Enfants du Sang’, which further highlights a key weakness that will ultimately lead to his downfall. Starr seeks domination of the world, to act essentially as a God. He may not be a fanatical devoted to a ridiculous concept like the Allfather, but his pride is proving to be his greatest weakness. Pride is dangerous and proved to be fatal when Jesse’s machinations in season 2 led to Tulip’s death.

Madame Boyd is a side character that serves to propel the plot and add to Jesse’s backstory, with her time with Jesse this episode revealing something fascinating about the main character. There are consequences to everything and Jesse seems to try and do his best to avoid them at any turn. The season began with him saving Tulip from death, rather than live with the consequences of hi actions. Jesse defends his killing of Boyd’s brother but he still murdered someone close to her so the anger she holds against him is a natural consequence. Jesse struggles to hold himself accountable for his actions up until the end of this episode where he finally agrees to hold up his end of the bargain that was made to save Tulip’s life. Hopefully this is a turning point for Jesse in the series.

Season three seems to be going well so far. The series is expertly juggling several storylines and multiple characters, all the while keeping the momentum going without slowing down once. If season three can keep this up for the remainder of it’s run Preacher has truly found its comeback year.

Rating: 8.5/10

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