Your Rainbow Six Canadian Nationals Champions: Team Canada

The first season of the Rainbow Six Canadian Nationals has concluded, and Team Canada have triumphed over Northern Alpacas to take home the prize. Consisting of FoxA, EhhDannn, Whiskerzz, P3NG, and EvilWaffle, Team Canada dominated Northern Alpacas by winning their first game 6-4 and their second game 6-2 to claim the $15,000 prize pool.

Rainbow Six: Siege is an objective based tactical shooter where a team of 5 defenders protects the objective against 5 attackers in the allotted time. The attackers win if they take down all the defenders or obtain the objective, while the defenders win if they take down all the attackers or time runs out.

The final took place at the Olympia Theatre in Montreal on Saturday, August 4, 2018, hosted by Northern Arena and Ubisoft. To watch a highlight reel of the night, you can visit Ubisoft North America on YouTube!

The next season is already on the horizon, and any teams interested in competing can register on the tournament website. Open Qualifiers will take place on September 22 and 23, 2018 and will be followed by the Online Circuit in October, which can be watched on Twitch. The Live Final will pit the two top-ranked teams against each other in Toronto on November 3, 2018 to decide who will be the Season 2 champion.Rainbow Six Canadian Nationals - Infographic

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