Isola #5 Review

Image result for isola issue 5

One of Image’s most beautiful comics has brought an end to its first chapter, and it was a satisfying conclusion. Fletcher follows up the cliff-hanger from last month with a worthy follow-up filled with suspense and heart. The basic premise is that with the Queen injured Rook must do what she can to save the life of the person she cares most about. Rook’s feeling that she may lose Olwyn adds a level of tension to the story, which coupled with the latter’s own personal journey in these pages, makes for an excellent character focused issue.

There isn’t too much dialogue, with Fletcher relying heavily on Kerschl’s skill as a  visual storyteller, but his script is filled with so many touching moments. Those last few pages, largely silent, were sweet and heartfelt. Olwyn’s brief reunion with Asher was also a brief, yet effective emotional beat for the story.

Kerschl’s art is great and the use of color to represent the mood of the story is incredible. The sequence where the queen sees Asher near death was beautiful and included an excellent transition panel to bring readers back to the physical plain of existence. His character’s expressive faces adds another level of depth to the already emotional script.

Both tense and heartwarming, this was the perfect finale to Isola’s initial story arc. Well drawn and thought out, this may be my favorite read of the week.

Rating: 5/5 – Great

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