Asgardians of the Galaxy #1 Review

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In the absence of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Angela has formed the Asgardians of the Galaxy – defending the known realms until the popular franchise is relaunched next year. Tying into the events of Infinity Wars where the usual suspects are being killed or turned evil left and right, Bunn and Lolli tell an interesting yet flawed adventure that co-exists with the larger narrative. This comic suffers from how much Bunn wants to cram into twenty pages. Despite entertaining dialogue, some cool ideas and nice art – this comic just feels so rushed with little room to flesh everything out fully.

Valkyrie and Annabelle cohabiting one body makes for an interesting dynamic and some very humorous moments. This is where the issue succeeds most, as the difficulty of hosting an Asgardian warrior and living one’s own life is painfully visible from the very first page. Where the issue falters is balancing that, and every other element Bunn has in play. Angela’s reason for assembling the team featured in this issue should add a layer of tension and show how far she will go to achieve her goals. But it is difficult to get this across when the issue is trying to fit in as much story and ideas as possible. These ideas are great and could make for a fantastic story, but only if Bunn gives his imagination more room to breathe.

As a tie-in to a larger cross-over event this series work very well as a stand-alone story. Despite factoring into the large conflict involving the infinity stones this series provides its cast a motivation that is their own, and I could easily see this comic existing without Infinity Wars. This isn’t a cash grab on Marvel’s part, but instead a small and personal story that smartly uses certain elements of the series from which it spawned.

Lolli can draw some great fight scenes, though the fluidity of the main action set piece was hampered by having an introduction panel for each character. It’s informative for new readers but it also breaks up the flow of what should have been a great fight scene. One of the most interesting aspects of his art in this comic are the page layouts, which avoid panel grids and includes some interesting design decisions on his part.

There is some joy to be found in this comic’s story, but the script’s execution isn’t as sharp as the artwork.

Rating: 3/5

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