Man Brings Trump Flag to ‘Frozen: The Broadway Musical;’ Cast Member Snatches it Away

Years into Trump’s presidency, conservatives continue to stage their political protests during musical theater.

Last night, a man sitting in the front row of Broadway’s Frozen musical decided to unfurl a “Trump 2020” flag during the show’s curtain call, only to have it snatched away by one of the cast members.

Timothy R. Hughes, who plays the leader of the troll-like Hidden Folk, grabbed the flag from the man’s hands and threw it offstage, later posting about it on Instagram:

“What does it say about our country and politics when a man at the show tonight felt the need to protest Disney’s Frozen on Broadway with a pro Trump flag??” Hughes captioned a video of the event on Instagram. “How frightening is it that our show’s messages of love, acceptance, and diversity have become the opposition to supporting Trump? The curtain call is a thank you between actors and audience, a final connection to end a shared experience. I will not apologize for how I responded to the disrespectful man trying to interrupt this moment with a pathetic political platform. Not at our show! Not in front of my beautiful, diverse, talented cast at @frozenbroadway.”

It would seem that the conservative protester had to… let the flag go. It did seem like it… bothered him anyway… Check out the tweet below!

Frozen: The Broadway Musical is currently playing now. 

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