New ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Set Photos Showcase the Town of Derry, Paul Bunyan Statue

As production on IT: Chapter 2 still charges ahead, set photos continue to make their way onto the internet. Today, Talkies Network was able to get their hands on a handful of photos right from Port Hope Ontario, Canada, the small town where the highly anticipated horror sequel is currently shooting.

Thanks to a close friend of the site, Sebastian, who is from Port Hope, Talkies Network is able to share the latest batch of set photos. Check out the town of Derry as well as the massive Paul Bunyan statue below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The photos reveal several familiar places including the Quality Meats, which fans will remember as the spot where Pennywise attempted to attack a young Mike Hanlon before being interrupted by Henry Bowers and his gang of bullies. The photos also show the giant Paul Bunyan statue located in the town of Derry. Fans of the novel will recall that the statue plays a big role during The Losers’ adult years as Pennywise will take the form of the American folklore legend to terrorize Richie (now played by Bill Hader).

If anything, the photos demonstrate that once again, director Andy Muschietti is dedicated to giving movie-goers an authentic Stephen King-adaptation and like its predecessor, it’ll be filled with laughs, terror and all kinds of excitement.

IT: Chapter 2 premieres in theatres on September 6, 2019.


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