New Line Cinema Wins Bidding War for James Wan’s and Gary Dauberman’s ‘Train to Busan’ Remake

The remake rights for the English-language Train to Busan, a Korean zombie horror movie, have been won by New Line.

The project had rumored interests from studios like Universal, Paramount, Studio 8, Lionsgate and Netflix but New Line has come out on top.

While the deal is still being finalized, some production details are already known. The film will be produced by James Wan and by Gary Dauberman, who will also be writing for the film. The two have previously collaborated on the Anabelle films as well as the upcoming DC series Swamp Thing.

The original Train to Busan (2016) takes place during a zombie virus outbreak in South Korea and focuses on a group of passengers on a train bound for Busan who struggles to survive the ride and fend off zombies. The film was directed by San-ho Yeon and was widely regarded as both a critical and commercial success, taking in $85 million at the international box office.

Image result for train to busan

There are some concerns about the timeline and success of the remake though. The U.S. domestic box office for the original Train to Busan only accounted for $2 million of the total $85 million. That’s not the only roadblock, both Wan and Dauberman are pretty busy working on upcoming projects. Wan’s latest film Aquaman is set to release in December, and Dauberman’s got the upcoming Swamp Thing series for DC’s streaming service DC Universe, as well as IT: Chapter 2 and a third film in the Annabelle franchise.


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