Matt Reeves & Shonda Rhimes Developing Sci-Fi Universe For Netflix Based on Upcoming ‘Recursion’ Novel

Two of Hollywood’s biggest names are coming together for a new franchise based on upcoming sci-fi novel Recursion.

Netflix has announced that, in addition to acquiring the film and television rights to the upcoming novel, the streaming giant has tapped Shonda Rhimes and Matt Reeves to building the franchise. Both movies and television series’ will be handled by Rhimes and Reeves.

Recursion, which will be published by Crown on June 11, 2019, explores what happens when a brilliant scientist invents a powerful technology that allows people not just to reactivate their most visceral memories but to completely reinvent them. For some, it offers the chance to rewrite their entire lives. In the wrong hands, it will upend the world as we know it.

In a statement, Rhimes had this to say:

“Projects like this are why I came to Netflix. The opportunity to explore a multi-genre universe in innovative ways is extremely exciting. Matt and Blake both have the tremendous ability to build compelling characters and imaginative landscapes, and I am thrilled to work alongside them.”

Rhimes and Shondaland left her longtime home of ABC for a huge overall deal at Netflix. This summer the company announced the first slate of projects from Rhimes that included eight series.

Reeves on the other hand, who elevated Fox’s Planet of the Apes reboot, was one of the first major first-look deals for the streamer under his 6th & Idaho banner. He recently set up an Animal Farm adaptation that Apes star Andy Serkis will direct. Reeves released his own thoughts on the massive deal as well:

“Blake’s mind-bending novel presents an incredible opportunity to explore its expansive narrative simultaneously through both film and television,” said Reeves. “Netflix is uniquely suited for this ambitious undertaking, and I can’t imagine a more exciting partner than the astonishingly talented Shonda Rhimes, whose work I have admired for years.”

Netflix has not announced a release date for the first entry in the franchise so keep it locked on Talkies Network for all the latest news!


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