Hugh Jackman On Bryan Singer Banning Comic Books on ‘X-Men’ Film Set

From the title alone, you can probably guess that you’re in for a weird story.

Director Bryan Singer didn’t allow comic books to be brought onto the set of the 2000 X-Men film according to Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman.

Speaking with MTV News to promote his new film The Front Runner, Hugh Jackman discussed auditioning for the role of Wolverine, and meeting Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who was an associate producer on X-Men. However, the actor recalled that the comics that inspired the film weren’t permitted on set.

“Bryan Singer had this thing that people would think he really wanted to take comic book characters seriously, as real three-dimensional characters, that people who don’t understand these comics might think they’re two-dimensional, so no one was allowed [comics]. … It was contraband. I’d never read X-Men, so people were slipping them under my door … I’m reading, I’m looking at these things going ‘these are brilliant, look at the physicality’”.

Jackman went on to reveal that, to get a better feel for the character, he would actually go to Feige’s office where the future architect of the MCU would outline which stories to focus on.

Singer has had quite the career in Hollywood, being the man that ushered in the modern age of superhero movies but also for being the man accused of pedophilia. Still, this hasn’t stopped him from finding work as he is set to direct an adaptation of Red Sonja.

Despite being a fan of X-Men (2000), given how all of Singer’s X-Men films looked, it is very apparent that Singer merely wanted “inspiration” from the original Marvel comics rather than look to them for how to craft his stories and character designs.

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