Ava DuVernay Signs $100 Million Multi-Year Deal with Warner Bros.

Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVernay has signed a multi-year and multi-genre deal with Warner Brothers studios, the first studio pact of the director’s career.

The deal is set to begin in January and covers a broad range of genres from drama and comedy series, documentaries, digital content, projects for broadcast and cable, streaming services, and many other platforms. Unlike many other studio deals, the Warner Bros. deal gives DuVernay the option to sell her shows to everyone rather than be stuck in one outlet.

Peter Roth, Warner Bros TV Group president, said that

“Ava DuVernay is one of the leading lights in our industry, a brilliantly talented writer, producer, director and entrepreneur whose ability to inspire with her art is exceeded only by her ability to entertain.”

When mentioning Peter Roth and Warner Brothers, DuVernay said

“They love and support artists in wonderful and nourishing ways. They work within a traditional studio that is stirring with untraditional energy and fresh protocols for intentional, inclusive image-making. Warner Bros is a terrific partner about matters of visibility and belonging for all kinds and cultures of people… I couldn’t be happier to call Warner Bros TV my production home.”


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