Uncanny X-Men #3 Review

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Uncanny X-Men #3 is a mixed bag. One the one hand it does have some very enjoyable sequences, but it also suffers from a weak plot structure and a disregard for character development.

The action sequences are big and this comic emphasizes the superhero fun one can have reading an X-Men comic; for example, watching the team fight vicious dinosaurs. There’s also plenty of witty banter that ranges between mildly amusing and genuinely funny, particularly the interactions between Bishop and Iceman. That humor and superhero action doesn’t make up for the weak plotting that seems to plague this series.

Where Uncanny X-Men #3 falters is in how little structure or planning there seems to be in ‘Disassembled’. Three issues into the story-line and there is no sense of who the antagonist is or what the stakes are in this conflict.

There’s also no set-up or sense of order to this story, as flurry of random events are thrown at readers. An example would be how the X-Men are continually introduced to new antagonists that bear no immediate connection to each other in an almost improvisational manner. In fact there’s so much going on in ‘Disassembled’ that the new mutant cure sub-plot, introduced in the first issue, has yet to be addressed. If not for Marvel’s solicitations for Age of X-Man and future issues of Uncanny X-Men beyond ‘Disassembled’, I’d be completely lost reading this series because the writers have created an incomprehensible mess. Rosenberg, Thompson and Brisson also pay as much attention to characterization as they do plot structure in this issue.

Despite featuring some of the greatest characters the franchise has to offer, not much is done with them. The writing team doesn’t offer any insights into their personalities or feelings about the mysterious threat the mutant group is facing. In fact the none of the characters featured in the story feel essential to the plot. They feel interchangeable and lack distinctive voices, all of which makes for a lousy superhero team comic.

Cinar’s linework is solid and the action sequences are exhilarating. Each fight feels epic in scope due to his choice of perspective for each panel, which makes for quite the visual experience. His work is complimented by Rosenberg’s (not the writer) coloring. The two work well together, and this is evident in the last three pages of the issue which look incredible.

This comic isn’t a dull read, in fact I had quite a bit of fun flipping through its pages, but Uncanny X-Men’s trio of writers need to start engaging interest beyond epic fights and witty banter, which right now is all this series has going for it. That being said, there’s seven more issues left, so this series still could be the epic readers were promised.

Rating: 2/5 — Fun at times, but definitely not worth re-reading.

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