Guillermo Del Toro to Co-Program Mexican Film Retrospective for Toronto Film Festival

Guillermo del Toro, Oscar-winning director of The Shape of Water, is set to co-program a Mexican film retrospective for the Toronto Film Festival. Del Toro and co-curator Diana Sanchez will select 25 films that span six decades to screen at TIFF.

Del Toro believes that the program, Sui generis: An Alternative History of Mexican Cinema, will showcase both previous masters of film and a new generation of Mexican artists. The lineup has yet to be revealed but the project is said to feature titles from the 1930s and 1940s and lead into to the 1990s and more contemporary films.

In a statement about the project, del Toro said: “The series not just explores some of the films that most influenced myself and the current generation of filmmakers working today in Mexico, but it also reflects the depth and the richness of my country’s cinema: genre, auteurist efforts, and independent film.”

“Many of the films we present are by filmmakers who are unafraid to play with themes, with social mores, with genre-bending stories. It speaks to a diversity and idiosyncrasy that is uniquely Mexican,” he added


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