‘Young Justice Outsiders’ Advanced Review

The Wait is Over

IT’S FINALLY BACK! After the airing of the season 2 conclusion (“Endgame”) on March 16th of 2013, we could not wait for season 3 to come out. Almost 5 years later we get witness a much-desired continuation of the story and I could not be happier with the new season. Subtitled Outsiders, the animated series returns on the new streaming service DC Universe. If someone was to watch Young Justice now they would not be able to identify that this show was cancelled in 2013. This will aid not only long-time fans of the show, like myself, but also newcomers looking for new DC animated content. The new season strives for more mature tone and storytelling then their predecessors. Before the creators were heavily reliant on merchandising to kids, however due to their new streaming service, gave them the ability to the writers to produce a more complex and mature narrative. Keep in mind that this review is only based upon the first three episodes of the new season, so take that into consideration for the remainder of the review.

The Story

The new season begins with Nightwing resigning from his position due to the untimely death of his Wally West (Kid Flash). Followed by a two-year time jump, which at this point should become tradition, considering the previous season used the same method on their initial episode. From the start we see that the new season contains the same beloved characters, impressive visuals and same balance, frequently being humorous yet surprisingly mature at times. If nothing else, Young Justice’s third season from its first three episodes is ambitious. The story—so far— surrounds the trafficking of young people that have a special “meta-gene”. A team led by Nightwing must stop a genetic lab in Markovia where the teenagers with meta-gene are being experimented on. Insofar that I can tell these metahumans are being used in an intergalactic arms race. That all that can really about the first three episodes without spoiling some of the more nuances that episodes offer.

Courtesy of DC Universe

The Characters

All of our favorites are back: Nightwing, Superboy, Artemis, Aqualad, and Miss Martian. They are joined by welcomed inclusions such as Black Lightning and Oracle. Each character feel each unique to their own, with each having their skills, fears and motivations. No character, insofar as I can tell, is unnecessary or a bore to watch. Nightwing has fully grown up into a mature and capable spy, Miss Martian is now the leader of the Young Justice and Superboy is becoming more composed and level-headed. This important, in order the sell the audience that genuine time has elapsed.  

Courtesy of DC Universe


It difficult to make a fair review on a season just from its first three episodes considering that this season will contain 26 episodes. WB will begin releasing them on January 4th on DC Universe streaming service. I highly recommend the series as a whole, so go binge-watch the first two seasons (trust me you can do it in one day) and get yourself prepared for a new season of Young Justice, which the fans are to be thanked for resurrecting a canceled show. They were the ones re-watching Young Justice 50 times on Netflix, in order to demonstrate the gem of a show that Cartoon Network had. And, this time we do not have to worry about toy sales killing this show anytime soon. All I can say is the first three episodes have me hooked and I can’t wait the watch remaining episodes of the new season.

Courtesy of DC Universe

Rating – 8.5/10

Young Justice Outsiders hit the DC Universe Streaming Service on January 2, 2019.

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