‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ Becomes Series’ Top-Grossing Film Ever

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has become the series top grossing film, after a strong $9 million opening weekend debut in Japan last December. But after the good news came from Deadline, with the outlet confirming the final opening day total for the new Dragon Ball film came at a whopping $7.06 million. Which completely demolished openings from the franchise’s prior movies. Alongside its domestic total pushed Dragon Ball Super: Broly to its record-breaking ledge.

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This came after its first major wave of box office success that came from Latin and Central America, as Dragon Ball Super: Broly has earned another $20 million overseas this past weekend.

Before it opened in Latin and Central America, Dragon Ball Super: Broly was sitting at around $32.2 million worldwide, so this is an impressive update for the film. As noted by Exhibtor Relations Co., the total box office for the film now sits at $54 million in total, with an impressive $6.5 million debut in Mexico alone — which isn’t surprising considering screenings of the final episode of Dragon Ball Super brought in huge crowds there.

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With $7.06 million coming in from the U.S., the film has a worldwide box office gross of $64.66 million. The total pushes Dragon Ball Super: Broly above the franchise’s top title. The domestic addition plus the additional money earned in foreign markets like Brazil has taken down Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F by the tiniest margin… but that margin is expected to widen when considering it has only screened for a single day in the U.S.

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