‘Aquaman 2’ In the Works at Warner Bros; James Wan Being Courted to Return

The international success of James Wan’s Aquaman has stunned the film industry. Once a laughing stock in the superhero world, this weekend, the film will pass WB’s and The Dark Knight Rises to be the highest grossing DC Comics film in history. Given the massive success and impact the film has experienced, it’s no surprise that WB has an Aquaman sequel in the works already!

Deadline is reporting that, not only is Aquaman 2 happening, but director James Wan is already being courted to return to helm the sequel. Insiders report that Wan will reportedly need an ocean-sized level paycheck to return. Wan is now the second director, behind James Cameron, to have two billion dollar films in separate franchises.

The filmmaker is said to be heavily invested in the world-building aspect of Aquaman and sees the deep, blue sea as a fantasy setting that can be cinematically comparable to Middle-earth, the Star Wars galaxy or the wizarding world of the Harry Potter franchise. There’s a lot of ocean floor and undersea kingdoms left for Wan explore.

Wan’s spokesman confirmed that the filmmaker is taking a much-needed break right now and studio sources confirmed to me that a deal will not be official until Wan see’s a worthy script. He spent years working on the first Aquaman including 172 days on principal photography with stops in Queensland, Morocco, Italy and Canada.  For now, Aquaman 2 will remain in development until an official deal is hashed out.

Wan’s Aquaman, while experiencing a mixed-to-positive critical reaction, has struck a chord with fans across the globe. It has been praised for its performances, musical score, and awe-inspiring visuals, with Atlantis being compared only to James Cameron’s Pandora from Avatar.

Do you want to see James Wan return for Aquaman 2? Let us know in the comments down below!

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