After Shelving ‘Star Trek 4,’ Paramount is Still Working on Quentin Tarantino’s Movie

For anyone who was worried about Paramount abandoning all plans related to future Star Trek films, prepared to be calmed down. While the movie giant has reportedly shelved Star Trek 4, the studio has confirmed that development continues on for Quentin Tarantino’s potential Star Trek film.

The New York Times released a profile on the Paramount Pictures’ new leadership and their plans to put the once mighty studio back on top following a few rough years.

As the article states, Paramount’s biggest plans focus on established franchises. They’re bringing Dora the Explorer, the Top Gun sequel and new installments of established franchises like Mission: ImpossibleGI JoeTerminatorTransformers and yes, even Star Trek are being planned.

Producer Wyck Godfrey said that the key to keeping those franchises viable is delivering the new and unexpected. For example, Quentin Tarantino working on Star Trek.

“Suddenly people’s eyes light up,” Godfrey said, describing what happens when he brings up the idea of putting Tarantino on a Star Trek movie. “Yours just did.”

Star Trek 4 was set to be directed by S.J Clarkson, the first female director in the history of the cinematic franchise. The film was rumored to follow a story about the father/son duo of Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk and Chris Hemsworth’s George Kirk. Unfortunately, both Pine and Hemsworth dropped out of the film, apparently due to both not coming to terms with Paramount on money. This caused the project to be shelved for the foreseeable future.

Tarantino’s Star Trek project has been shrouded in secrecy ever since it was announced. It is based on a story idea that Tarantino came up with himself. Mark L. Smith, Lindsey Beer, Megan Amram, and Drew Pearce worked on the project in a writers room before Paramount signed Smith to write the screenplay.

Paramount wants Tarantino to direct the film, though scheduling may prevent that from happening as Tarantino is currently working on the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Star Trek film star Zachary Quinto had previously stated that the current Kelvin Timeline crew would be back for Tarantino’s Star Trek, but with Chris Pine dropping out of Star Trek 4 it is unclear what the plan is for the next film.

Are you excited for Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek? Let us know in the comments down below!

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