EA’s ‘Apex Legends’ Reaches 25 Million Players After One Week

Today, Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella announced on the official EA blog that Apex Legends has reached 25 million players since its launch last Monday. The game had over 2 million concurrent players at its peak over the weekend.

The newly released free-to-play game had initially reached one million concurrent players, and 10 million players over its initial 72 hours after launch last week.

Publisher Electronic Arts noted last week that it is looking to the releases of Apex Legends as well as BioWare’s Anthem to bring them back from a difficult third financial quarter.

“The video game industry continues to grow through a year of intense competition and transformational change,” said EA head Andrew Wilson at the time. “Q3 was a difficult quarter for Electronic Arts and we did not perform to our expectations. We are now applying the strengths of our company to sharpen our execution and focus on delivering great new games and long-term live services for our players. We’re very excited about Apex Legends, the upcoming launch of Anthem, and a deep line-up of new experiences that we’ll bring to our global communities next fiscal year.”

Set in the Titanfall universe – specifically 30 years after Titanfall 2, is a character-driven, squad-based Battle Royale shooter where teamwork is the difference between victory and defeat. The game was EA’s response to major battle royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG.

Compared with its biggest competitor Fortnite, Apex Legends seems to be growing at a much quicker rate, at least in this early stretch. Epic Games, the developers behind Fortnite, gave out the very first metrics for its battle royale hit in January 2018, when Fortnite had 45 million registered players across console and PC after roughly four months on the market.

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