Conan the Barbarian Returns to the Marvel Universe in ‘Savage Avengers’

Very few Marvel characters can claim to actually be “savage” but now, several of them will be brought together one, awesome comic series!

Entertainment Weekly has announced that Gerry Duggan will pen a new series called Savage Avengers with art by Mike Deodato Jr. and a cover by David Finch. They’re being called the most savage, most unkillable team assembles!

What’s more exciting? Conan the Barbarian is returning to Marvel Comics a a member of the team! Marvel superheroes Wolverine, Venom, Punisher, Elektra, and Brother Voodoo will also appear as fellow Avengers.

“This is an unsanctioned team of heroes,” says Gerry Duggan, who will be writing both Savage Avengers and Savage Sword of Conan. “It has to be something that visually makes sense to you, and I think it does. [Artist] Mike Deodato Jr. is illustrating this book in both worlds. We envisioned a threat, a magical green zone where the evil wizards of Conan’s world are trading spells with the Hand in Japan. Conan is on a very Conan-like mission; he’s heard a tale of an amulet so he’s chasing it, and the evil magic sorcerers are doing something that would be a Marvel Avengers problem. It feels like we have found some very fertile ground that is a Venn diagram between those two worlds.”

With Wolverine’s claws, Venom’s teeth, Elektra’s sai, Conan’s swords, and Punisher’s arsenal of guns, it’s easy to imagine how much killing might go on. Though it will likely take a while for all these characters to see eye-to-eye, they all relate to each other when it comes to fighting.

“The Marvel heroes have not quite seen the likes of Conan before, but when you turn it around and look at Conan viewing this, he’s very skeptical of a lot of it because he’s so magic-averse,” Duggan says. “His interpretation of the Venom symbiote, when he first sees it, is that it must be an evil genie. There’s real fun to be had there. At one point Conan believes that Logan hails from somewhere called Pabst, and that’s a well-earned miscommunication. That’s where a lot of fun comes from. Conan is a fish out of water, but everyone will come to respect the skills they’re all bringing to the fight.”

Last year, Marvel reacquired the license to the Conan the Barbarian comics, and the company kicked off 2019 with two new series featuring the character. 

“SAVAGE AVENGERS is just what it says on the label—it’s all of the biggest badasses of the Marvel Universe brought together uneasily in one explosive series—and with Conan as a wild card,” SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort explains. “It’s big, it’s brash, it’s explosive, it never slows down—the only scenes in SAVAGE AVENGERS that involve a table is when somebody is being thrown through one.”

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