It’s Batman Vs. Zombies in DC’s Newest Event Comic Series ‘DCeased’

That title alone should peak your interest in this new event series from DC Comics.

DC Comics has announced DCeased, from Tom Taylor (InjusticeX-Men Red) with art by Trevor Hairsine, James Harren, and Stefano Gaudiano. It will be a six-issue series that sees the world’s greatest superheroes face a threat unlike any they’d ever faced before: A global pandemic that transforms everyone it infects into a rage zombie.

The official synopsis is as follows:

“A mysterious techno-virus has been released on Earth, infecting 600 million people and turning them instantly into violent, monstrous engines of destruction.

The heroes of the DCU are caught completely unprepared for a pandemic of this magnitude and struggle to save their loved ones first…but what happens to the World’s Greatest Heroes if the world ends?

New York Times best-selling writer Tom Taylor (Injustice) returns with a terrifying new tale and is joined by artist Trevor Hairsine (Legends of the Dark Knight) and Stefano Gaudiano (The Walking Dead).”

The story has been confirmed to take place outside the main DC Universe and has Darkseid being the culprit who unleashed this global disease onto earth. Taylor spoke to IGN about where the idea of the comic came from:

“The idea originated with editor Ben Abernathy,” Taylor said to IGN. “He had an idea to do a horror/zombie tale at DC, and hit me up to ask if I’d like to be involved. At the time I was pretty busy, but over the next few days, my mind was racing. I couldn’t stop thinking of new and terrible ways to torture my favorite heroes in ways that made Injustice look tame by comparison.

That first issue is set to be released on May 1st. What do you think of DC Comics’ DCeased? Will you be picking up the series in May? Let us know in the comments down below!

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