Netflix Announces its Setting Up a Huge Film & Television Hub in Toronto

Netflix is officially set up shop in Toronto!

The American streaming giant announced today in a in a press release that it will be setting up its own film and TV production hub in Toronto’s waterfront studio district. Netflix will be leasing space at both Cinespace Studios and Pinewood Studios in Toronto.

Eight sound stages—four within each facility—will become Netflix territory to begin with, as well as various office spaces for support work within the studio district. Mayor John Tory commented on the big announcement on Twitter:

Netflix promised to create up to 1,850 new jobs per year for Canadians as part of this commitment. The terms of the company’s lease agreements were not disclosed, but Netflix says that they are both “multi-year.”

“With this commitment to Cinespace and Pinewood Toronto, we are proud to continue our investment in Canada and Canadian films and series,” says Netflix VP of physical production Ty Warren. “These new leases will enable us to expand our presence in Canada and provide a wealth of production jobs for skilled Canadian workers.”

Pinewood Studios is known for housing productions such as Suicide Squad, Shazam! and Amazon’s The Boys. It is leasing out roughly 84,580 square feet of space, says Netflix, which will begin filming at least one production there within the next couple of weeks.

Cinespace said that it expects Netflix to move in sometime this summer, once construction is finished on four dedicated sound stages totaling approximately a massive 164,000 square feet of filming space.

“In total, both sites will support upcoming Netflix series and films, including the horror anthology series Guillermo del Toro Presents Ten After Midnight, the film Let It Snow and others,” Netflix said in a statement. “The new spaces add to Netflix’s existing physical production footprint in Canada, which already includes a lease of British Columbia’s Martini Film Studios, as well as production sites Netflix sets up across Canada on a production-by-production basis.”

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