Disney in Talks With AT&T for WarnerMedia’s 10% Hulu Stake

As Disney reaches closer and closer to completing the Fox deal, new negotiations have risen between the house of mouse, and another major film studio.

According to a new report from Variety, Disney is looking to buy WarnerMedia’s stake in Hulu. Currently, Hulu ownership is broken into four parts. Disney, Fox, and Comcast/NBCUniversal each own 30 percent of the company while WarnerMedia holds the last 10 percent.

When the Disney/Fox deal closes (presumably in March), that means the company would own a majority — 60 percent — of Hulu, which would then increase 10% with the purchase of Warner’s ownership, should the deal go through.

The active talks have not revealed the price Disney is offering, but it has been made known that Disney currently values the streaming service at $9.3 billion. This puts the estimated price point at around one billion dollars for WarnerMedia’s stake in the streaming platform.

Disney recently confirmed on their earnings call that Hulu will be mainly utilized for adult content. Contrasting to the upcoming Disney+ streaming service (which will house more family friendly content), Hulu will be Disney’s outlet for more mature projects. The streamer is a likely home for several Fox films and TV shows once the deal is complete.

Meanwhile, WarnerMedia is actually setting up their own streaming service as well to counter both Disney and the market leader, Netflix. Warner has already confirmed that it will be pulling its content from Netflix, including long time favourite, Friends. Set to debut later this year, the still-untitled service will apparently include three different tiers — movies, movies plus original programming, and library content plus licensed programming.

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