‘Captain Marvel’ Features an Emotional Tribute to Stan Lee

Before going to Captain Marvel, make sure you bring tissues.

Captain Marvel will be the first MCU movie released since Stan Lee’s death and the film has been confirmed to feature not only a cameo, but a tribute to the comics legend as well.

Lee passed away in November having already completed his cameo appearance in the Brie Larson-led movie but it seems Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige went one step further.

As fans know,  there is a sequence that flashes images from the comic books, and the live-action heroes until it transforms into the Marvel Studios logo. For Captain Marvel, something a little different happens.

Thanks to our own Adam Faita (stay tuned for his review of the film, coming tomorrow), The Marvel Studios logo appears and then essentially every Stan Lee MCU cameo appear instead of the superheroes and it is an emotional sight.

Adam said that the whole theatre was in awe as the words “Thank you Stan” appeared on screen, resulting in applause from the critics in attendance.

It is unconfirmed for now, but Lee had reportedly completed cameos for both Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. It would be fitting for Lee’s final cameo to be in a Spider-Man film, given he created the webbed-hero.

Rest in peace Stan, thank you for everything.

Captain Marvel hits theatres March 8, 2019. Stay tuned for Talkies Network’s early review, out tomorrow morning!

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