‘Captain Marvel’ Film Review

We’re almost there aren’t we? Just about few months until we find out what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to say about what our favorite purple alien’s actions (*cough* mass-genocide). But the last stop prior is Captain Marvel, you know, the one who’s supposed to be the difference-maker in the months to come.

My point is that I couldn’t escape the buzz surrounding this character once Infinity War dropped and it seemed she only served one purpose, when I’m sure she’ll become vocal point of the MCU in the future. she has a story that needed to be told, and this time around I like Marvel’s approach.

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The establishing act brings us back to the cosmic side of the MCU, delving very quickly into where the protagonist comes from (or so we think). The ball gets rolling once Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) begins experiencing moments she can’t recall, alongside some fancy edits, leads the viewer on nicely. Half of the film is a journey towards discovering who Carol Danvers is (and was) and as the MCU digs deeper in its arsenal of personalities, not everyone will know of her origins as comic fans do (myself included) so it was nice to learn alongside the protagonist herself of her origins. Not a total deviation from the usual Marvel formula, but a welcomed touch.

Another pleasant surprise was Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). This time around we meet a younger and less experienced Fury which still as on-point as ever, even with over ten years of playing the role. Jackson and Larson share a solid chemistry in the middle act, the kind of buddy-cop relationship that should’ve happened with returning actor Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, who should’ve been given a little more to do. The 90s references are front and centre, from the Blockbuster crash everyone saw in the trailer, to the addition of grunge classics, the attention to the time period is just right and not overpowering to the point of distraction.

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Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The supporting cast is deeper than usual films sporting personalities like Jude Law, and who for some reason just always seems to be the baddie in most flicks, Ben Mendelsohn, portraying Yon-Rogg and Talos respectively, issues a bit more depth than seen in recent entries with one aspiring power to the Kree, and the other simply seeking refuge for their race. An unusual contrast is painted here as you delve deeper into the surrounding affiliations of the film.

Come the final act, it’s Danvers’ time to shine with her unleashing her full power and with the use of more strong visual effects (some of the finest I’ve seen), puts herself on a different level from what Marvel has shown us from one individual. If fans are looking to get a glimpse of what they can expect from the next film, the final act will suffice. It’s the proper payoff after our protagonist’s identity crisis throughout the film.

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Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Once Larson’s character arrives on earth and meets Fury, this film kicks into high gear and doesn’t slow down. Larson finds her sweet spot, with witty one-liners and some killer choreography. Nick Fury is given a lighter tone and sidekicks Larson nicely. Marvel may have unleashed the future face of the MCU, and depending on the outcome of their next blockbuster, the future is bright for Captain Marvel (even if things look really bleak at this particular moment).

Rating – 8/10

Captain Marvel hits theatres on March 8, 2019

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