Garth Ennis Writing New Punisher Mini-Series

In an interview for the podcast, Off-Panel, comic-book writer Garth Ennis revealed that he has recently begun work on a new Punisher comic. The series would be in the vein of Ennis’ most recent series, Punisher: The Platoon. It would focus on Frank Castle’s tour of duty during the Vietnam War, with Ennis also confirming the presence of a younger Nick Fury.

Ennis’ Punisher story is still in the writing stage, with Ennis himself stating that he is in the process of scripting the series’ first issue. Nick Lowe will serve as Ennis’ editor on the upcoming title, but no prospective artist was mentioned.

This series, similar to Punisher: The Platoon and Ennis’ Fury comics, will most likely be set in the continuity established in his Punisher Max work. You can hear the writer talks about all of this by fast-forwarding to the nine-minute mark.

Check out Off-Panel for some great comic-book related content. The episode that serves as this article’ source is great for anyone interested in Ennis’ work — with a particular focus on his new series with Steve Epting, Sara.

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