Interview: ‘Captain Marvel’s’ Lashana Lynch on the Themes of the Film & Which MCU Character she Would Team With

Last night in Toronto, Lashana Lynch walked the red carpet and greeted excited fans at the Canadian premiere of Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel. She was joined by Canadian athletes Calynn Irwin (Olympic Half-Pipe Snowboarder) and Marissa Papaconstantinou (Paralympic Sprinter).

During the red carpet, our own Sam Parisi was on hand to talk to Maria Rambeau herself, Lashana Lynch. In the interview, she discussed the themes of the highly anticipated superhero film, her love for Marvel movies, and which MCU character she wants to team up with. Check out the red carpet chat below!

Captain Marvel is the 21st Marvel Cinematic Universe film and the first to be led by a female superhero. With the film having such an impact on the industry, Disney brought two athletic superheroes to the event as well: Calynn Irwin and Marissa Papaconstantinou. Check out the gallery below to see all three women on the red carpet!

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Captain Marvel hits theatres March 7, 2019

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