‘Batman’ Comic Writer Tom King Co-Writing ‘The New Gods’ Film With Director Ava DuVernay

The New Gods are coming to the DCEU and a very famous comic writer has boarded the project to co-write the screenplay.

The Wrap has learned that Tom King, writer of the current Batman comic series, as well as the critically acclaimed Mister Miracle, will co-write the screenplay for The New Gods with director Ava DuVernay.

King’s multi-Eisner award-winning comic series Mister Miracle that features the New Gods and is centered around the love story between Mister Miracle and Big Barda. DuVernay’s film is rumored to be centred on the relationship of Miracle and Barda, so King joining the project makes sense.

The New Gods are a fictional race appearing in the eponymous comic book series published by DC Comics, as well as selected other DC titles. Created and designed by Jack Kirby, they first appeared in February 1971 in New Gods #1. The legendary series details two distinct planets, New Genesis and Apokolips, ruled by equally powerful but morally opposite leaders. New Genesis is ruled by the benevolent Highfather, and Apokolips is controlled by the despot Darkseid.

Image result for ava duvernay
New Gods director Ava DuVernay

King announced this month that he will be exiting Batman with issue 85, earlier than previously expected.  This set off several alarms for fans, but, in addition to the Batman/Catwoman series he’s writing, it seems that The New Gods script also played a role in his departure from the caped crusader.

DuVernay was tasked to helm The New Gods in 2018, adding her to the list of female directors working with DC Comics (Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman and Cathy Yen on Birds of Prey). DuVernay’s next project, When They See Us, which chronicles the lives of the Central Park Five, will debut on Netflix this Friday.

Are you excited about a New Gods screenplay from Tom King and Ava DuVernay? Let us know in the comments down below!

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