‘The Boondocks’ to Return for Fifth Season

After a five year break, The Boondocks is finally making its return to television. Actor John Witherspoon was recently on the Joe Rogan Experience, where he stated that the fifth season of the show is currently in pre-production.

While discussing the similarities between his real-life persona and onscreen persona, he said this:

“I’m on the cartoon – what is it? The Boondocks? I didn’t change my voice for The Boondocks. And they coming back: Boondocks is coming back… It’s one of the best cartoons I’ve ever been on.”

Boondocks began as a comic strip that was written by Aaron McGruder and ran from 1996 to 2006. Adult Swim’s cartoon adaptation of the comic began in 2006 and became an instant hit, maintaining high critical acclaim for three seasons. After the third season premiered in 2010, there was a long delay until the fourth season finally released in 2014 with no involvement from Aaron McGruder. Since the fifth season was announced informally and so recently, there’s no way to know if McGruder will, in fact, be involved with this new season or how many of the original members of the creative team will be returning.

Since Witherspoon has at least some basic knowledge of the project, it can be assumed that the main voice cast has been asked to return. That cast includes Witherspoon, who plays “Grandpa,” an elderly black man who moves to an affluent white suburb to live out his golden years, as well as Regina King who voices both Huey and Riley, Grandpa’s two young grandsons who come to live with him in the suburbs, after the loss of their parents. The series revolves around Grandpa, Huey and Riley’s as they try to acclimate to a foreign suburban setting, oftentimes ending up in situations that involve political and social satire.


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