‘Coco’ Co-Writer Matthew Aldrich to Oversee Netflix’s ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Projects

Matthew Aldrich, co-writer of the Oscar-winning film, Coco, has been confirmed to be an overseer for Netflix’s adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia.

The company is planning on adapting CS. Lewis’ fantasy books as both series and movies with Aldrich serving as the creative architect on all of them. The Chronicles of Narnia consists of seven books, all set in the fantasy land of Narnia. Originally published in the 1950s, the books follow four children who are evacuated to the British countryside during WWII and discover a wardrobe in their new home that leads them to Narnia.

The books have been adapted numerous times, with the most recent occurring as a trio in 2005, with Disney releasing the first two of the movies and Fox releasing the third. There were plans to develop a new set of movies but those plans were called off when Netflix made a multi-year deal with the C.S. Lewis Company in late 2018. Netflix’s plan entails an expanding range of stories from across the Narnia landscape told in a set of movies and at least one series, though it’s unclear how these multiple projects will be related.

Matthew Aldrich is best known for his work as co-writer on the 2017 Pixar/Disney film Coco, which ended up earning over $800 million at the worldwide box office and won the Academy Award for best-animated feature.

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