BBC America’s Ann Sarnoff Named New CEO Of Warner Bros.

Ann Sarnoff, the current president of BBC Studios Americas, has been named the new chair and CEO of Warner Bros. and will be officially joining the company later this summer. She will be the first female CEO in Warner Bros. history.

The recent news comes towards the end of a three-month search for someone to replace Kevin Tsujihara, the previous CEO who left the role over alleged misconduct which involved an affair with an actress and numerous attempts to help her get roles in studio pictures.

Sarnoff joined BBC Worldwide in 2010 after having served as president of Dow Jones Ventures. She previously served as the COO of the WNBA, overseeing business operations for the league, and also worked at Viacom where she held multiple titles, including COO of VH1 and CMT. As President of BBC Studios Americas, Sarnoff was in charge of overseeing the company’s business division in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. She also grew BBC Studios’ global brands Doctor Who, Top Gear, and the natural history brand BBC Earth.

“It is a privilege to join a studio with such a storied history,” stated Sarnoff. “Warner Bros. has been an industry leader for decades and is known for creating many of the most iconic film, television and gaming properties. I accept this position excited by the opportunity to work with the most accomplished executives and teams in media, and confident about carrying this incredible heritage forward with them.”



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