Nintendo Announces Cheaper, Handheld Version of Switch Console: “Switch Lite”

After breaking new ground with the Nintendo Switch, which acted as a hybrid console that can be used as both a stationary and portable device, Nintendo is back with a new version of the Switch. This time, it’s strictly handheld and will be priced cheaper than its predecessor.

Called the Nintendo Switch Lite, the new system is a more compact, lightweight edition of the popular gaming hardware that will sell at $199, $100 less than the price point of its original Switch.

It will come in three separate colors (yellow, turquoise and black) with white buttons and standard analog sticks. The Joy Cons for the Lite do not slide on and off. The directional buttons on the traditional Switch have been swapped out for a D-pad on the Lite.

While the traditional Switch features an IR motion camera and rumble features, both have been removed on the Lite. However, Joy Cons can still be paired with the Switch Lite and used to play games on the console that requires motion controls.

You’ll be able to play almost all your Nintendo Switch games on your new Switch Lite. Games will need to have a handheld mode to work, although according to Nintendo, “some games will have restrictions”. Nintendo has clarified that the back-of-box information for physical games, or Nintendo’s website, will say if this is the case.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available Aug. 20.


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