Ewan McGregor In Talks To Return As Obi-Wan Kenobi In Disney+ Series

It’s been fourteen years since fans have seen Ewan McGregor in Jedi robes, but the actor may be returning to a galaxy far, far away.

The 48-year-old Scottish actor is currently in talks to return to his role as the noble Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi in an upcoming Disney+ series. This Kenobi series marks the third Star Wars title that’s being created for Disney+, the other two being The Mandalorian, a series based on a class of warriors and bounty hunters like Boba Fett, and an untitled prequel series to 2016’s Rogue One that will have Diego Luna returning.

Details about the Kenobi series are being kept under wraps. The Mandalorian will be debuting on Disney+ in November while the Rogue One prequel is still in it’s writing phase. The prequel series has Stephen Schiff, writer for The Americans, writing and showrunning.

Alec Guinness introduced the role of Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi in 1977 in the first Star Wars film, Star Wars: A New Hope. Although Kenobi ultimately met his demise, being struck down by Dark Vader, the character would return as a distant voice or vision in the film’s two sequels,  The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. McGregor would replace Guinness and play a younger version of the Jedi master in the three prequel films: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. McGregor also made a voice-only cameo in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In recent years, plans for a stand-alone Kenobi feature film were beginning to gain more and more traction until those plans eventually developed into a big-budget series for Disney+.

McGregor has had major roles in films both before and after his time as a Jedi. Prior to the prequels, McGregor starred in indie films like Trainspotting and Brassed Off. After his casting in the prequels, his success only began to grow and grow. McGregor would go on to star in such films as Big FishMoulin Rouge, Black Hawk Down, Angels & Demons, The Ghost Writer, and most recently, Christopher Robin. This year, McGregor is starring as the villain Black Mask in the Birds of Prey film and as a grown-up Danny Torrance in The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep.

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