Report: Director Jon Watts is NOT Signed On for a Third Solo ‘Spider-Man’ Film

As if the news about Spider-Man’s future isn’t muddled enough, yet another new report has come out, this time centering on the latest director to take on the webbed hero.

Per Erik Davis of Fandango, and Deadline, director Jon Watts has not signed on to direct a third solo Spider-Man film. Watts previously helmed both solo MCU entries for the character, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Sources indicate that, while Sony hopes to keep Watts on board to helm the next film, there is no guarantee that he will return. Original reports indicated that Watts, and Spider-Man himself Tom Holland, would be back for the next Spidey solo adventure, which, as of this writing, will be crafting entirely by Sony.

The bombshell announcement of Holland’s Spider-Man leaving the MCU dropped yesterday, and since then has been muddled by various outlets and statements. Originally, Sony was said to have pulled out of the deal completely, before trades came out and said that negotiations were still ongoing.

Sony then published a statement of its own, saying that Disney was the one who decided to walk away from the negotiating table, and that they would be interested in working together again in the future.

All of this started when Disney decided to attempt to re-negotiate the original terms of the agreement with Sony. When the asking price became to high, Sony, with all the cards, decided to walk.

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